Groupe Open confirms a growth of +3.2% in revenue in 2018, despite a 4th quarter that was below expectations (-0.6%). Annual revenue rose to €324 million. In France, Groupe Open posted an increase of +2.5%.

The slowdown in the 4th quarter can be explained by a significant rise in turnover which lead to a stable workforce when compared to December 2017; this despite heavy recruitment which brought in more than 900 active employees in 2018.
As a reminder, in the second half of the year Groupe Open embarked on a redesign of its Human Resources policy, offering its candidates and employees a differentiating experience (agile and collaborative) to attract, develop, engage and retain talent. The fruits of these efforts are beginning to show and should impact profits in 2019.

More recently, Groupe Open began the acquisition of marketplace platform creator IZBERG in 2018. With eyes on becoming a leader in digital services and solutions in France, Groupe Open completed its Solutions offer, showing its intention to become a major player in this market.

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